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Apartment Cleaning

It’s Not Clean Until it’s Pristine Cleaning Services of America LLC

You work hard day in day out. Come the weekend, the last thing you want to do is drag out the vacuum, the mop, and the duster to start cleaning your apartment. No way. No how. But what are you going to do?

You need to call Pristine Cleaning Services of America LLC. Our apartment cleaning services are the most thorough and reliable in Washington. Our employees are licensed, insured, and bonded. That means you get a guarantee of great service that other apartment cleaning companies in Washington can’t compete with. Pristine Cleaning Services of America LLC is committed to providing the best apartment cleaning services in the region, no matter how big or small the space!

Standard Apartment Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy apartment. There’s no room to move, no room to breathe. It’s impossible to find anything. And forget about cooking. The stress builds. We know—we’ve been there.

Take back your apartment with an apartment cleaning from Pristine Cleaning Services of America LLC. You won’t believe the how good you’ll feel when the dust bunnies have been exterminated and the surfaces shine in the afternoon sunlight.

We’ll clean your bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, basement. We’ll mop the floors, vacuum the carpet, scrub the surfaces, dust the bookshelves, clean the sinks, the toilet, the bathtub. And we’ll do it with a smile.

Scheduled Apartment Cleaning

The slow accumulation of mess and dirt is going to happen whether you like it or not. But with regular visits from our janitorial professionals, you’ll be able to hold off the flood. Once a month, twice a month, once a week, or as often as you’d like, we’ll send a member of our staff to clean your place top to bottom.

Apartment Deep Cleaning

It’s one thing to get your apartment a regular once over with the broom and mop. It’s a whole other thing to go in deep and try to get at the secret stuff. We’ll go behind cupboards, under fridges, and between the oven and cabinets. We’ll get behind the bed, under the couch, and catch all those clumps of dust attached to the mess of wires by the TV.

You won’t believe how clean your apartment will feel. The sense of relief that follows from our deep cleaning service should be enough to convince you. Many of our Washington clients become addicted to it!

Pristine Cleaning That’s Tailored for You

We believe that you should have your apartment the way you want it. That’s why we give our clients the opportunity to choose what they want done in their apartment. Some do not want the trash taken out. Others do. Some want bed sheets folded. Others absolutely don’t. By allowing the client to choose the services that work for them, our client-tailored services can be suited to everyone’s taste.

Customer Service Guarantee

We can tell you over and over how good our service is. But at the end of the day, you’ll only believe us when you see it for real. So give us a try. One shot is enough to prove Pristine Cleaning Services of America LLC is the best in Washington and the surrounding region!